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Marble is a softer stone than granite and is therefore easier to carve and shape. Each piece has its own unique and beautiful striations which have made marble a popular choice for kitchen worktops, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds and flooring. Available in a wide range of colours such as white, cream and brown, marble is an excellent choice for your new kitchen, bathroom or extension.


Here at Lefika Graniteworks we are able to supply you with a wide range of top quality granite from around the world for your kitchen, bathroom, reception or commercial needs. As one of the hardest stones in the world, the enduring and resistant qualities of granite make it the ideal choice for kitchen worktops and flooring. Lefika Graniteworks offers granite in a range of colours from cream, white, gold to red, blue, green and black.



Quartz is one of the most durable stones in the world and is extremely low maintenance. Its heat and stain resisting qualities make it a popular choice for modern kitchens and floors and it can give any room a modern sleek and smooth finish. At Lefika Graniteworks we can provide you with a varied array of plain, mirror flecked and mottled quartz.


At Lefika Graniteworks we offer a wide range of top quality international stones including granite and marble for home or business premises. Whether you are extending your house, re-vamping your kitchen or bathroom, shop, bar or restaurant you are guaranteed to find from us everything to suit your needs. Turn-around time: Unlike other suppliers where you would wait for weeks for your order to arrive, with you are guaranteed to receive your order within 3 – 5 working days from the time of approval.


Our in depth knowledge of stone characteristics enables us to efficiently cater for our client’s specific requirements. All our worktops are crafted at our workshop and each worktop is professionally sealed to ensure that your order is up to our finest standards of quality. We offer a top-quality superior product in Granite and Marble at affordable prices. We accomplish this by sourcing the best products locally and manufacturing them ourselves thus guaranteeing quality and most importantly – customer service.